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Issue 11&12 of APNA's quarterly Punjabi magazine SANJH has been released.  SANJH is a unique and one of a kind Punjabi magazine which is published in two separate volumes - with identical content - from Lahore in Shahmukhi script and from Ludhiana in Gurmukhi script, and is distributed in India, Pakistan and in other countries where Punjabis live. It presents the best writings of Punjabi writers from around the world.  We are publishing it in both Shahmukhi and Gurmukhi so that readers of both scripts will be able to read the same content.

We request all APNA members and friends to become a regular subscriber of SANJH. We will ship it wherever you live.  Click on one of the following links to get the information about SANJH's subscription:

(SANJH-11&112 Contributors)

Aftab Naveed

Amarjeet Chandan

Anhar Virk

B. S. Bir

Farrukh Humayun

Gulam Hussain Sajid

Gurbhajan Gill

Gurcharan Kocher

Khalid Hassan

Khalid Thathal

Khawaja Umeed

Manu Sharma

Muhammad Afzal Shahid

Ravinder Ravi

Saleem Pasha

Sukh Devr

Surjit Kalsi 

Tariq Maqbool

Zubair Ahmed

Here is the list of contents of issue 11&12 of SANJH:


Imroze - Muhabbat Da Loke Geet : Saleem Pasha
Noor Jehan Part-2: Khalid Hasan, Trsn by Poonam Singh  (India)


Najam Hussian Syed, Ghulam Hussain Sajid, Muhammad Afzal Shahid, Anwar Kaneez, Aftab Naveed, Farrukh Hummayun,  Khalid Hussain Thathal, Khwaja Umeed Muhayyudin, Saghir Tabbasum

Short Stories

Neele Suit Wali: Manu Sharma Sohal
Urwar: Ghulam Hussain Sajid
Nich:  Anton Chekhov - Traslation by Tariq Maqbool
Ek Jam Lahore De Naam: Ram Lal - Translation from Urdu by Mahinder Beti Jeetu
Barkate: Sukhdev Sidhu


B. S. Bir, Harbhajan Gil, Gurcharan Kocher, Surjeet Kalsi, Ravinder Ravi


Tur Gaya Mar Udari Sada Hassan Puri:  Gurbhajan Gill
Punjabi Dhole Da Badshah - Mian Raja:
Muhamamd Azhar Virk
Kafi Bhuleh Shah Di (4): Zubair Ahmed
Ram Saroop Ankhi 1932-2010: Amarjit Chandan
Santokh Singh Dhir 1920-2010: Amarjit Chandan

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