SANJH is a unique and one of a kind Punjabi magazine which is published in two separate volumes - with identical content - from Lahore in Shahmukhi script and from Ludhiana in Gurmukhi script, and is distributed in India, Pakistan and in other countries where Punjabis live. It presents the best writings of Punjabi writers from around the world. We are publishing it in both Shahmukhi and Gurmukhi so that readers of both scripts will be able to read the same content.

On this page, you can read on line or download in pdf all volumes of Sanjh. Click on the picture of any volume to open and read it.

Vol-2 Gurmukhi
Vol-3 Gurmukhi
Vol-4 Gurmukhi
Vol-5 Gurmukhi
Vol-5 Shahmukhi
Vol-6&7 Gurmukhi
Vol-6&7 Shahmukhi
Vol-8 Gurmukhi
Vol-8 Shahmukhi
Vol-9 Gurmukhi
Vol-9 Shahmukhi
Vol-10 Gurmukhi
Vol-10 Shahmukhi
Vol-11&12 Gurmukhi
Vol-11&12 Shahmukhi
Vol-13 Gurmukhi
Vol-13 Shahmukhi