Opening of SANJH

Punjab Agriculture University, Ludhiana - August 4, 2007

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August 5, 2007

                Literary function held for magazine release

Ludhiana: A special literary function was organised at Punjab Agricultural University on Friday for the release of quarterly magazine named 'Sanjh' published simultaneously from Ludhiana in Gurmukhi and from Lahore in Shahmukhi.

The magazine is published by Academy of Punjab in North America (APNA) and the release function in Ludhiana was organised by Punjab Culture Study Circle International (PC-SCI). In his presidential address, PAU Vice-Chancellor MS Kang said culture and agriculture are two inseparable components of life. The unique experiment of bringing out a magazine like Sanjh holds immense importance, especially, when the cultural values are on a decline, he observed. This praise-worthy effort would connect the Punjabi expatriates to their roots.

Prof NS Tasneem, a noted writer, said bringing out this magazine in two scripts would shake off the hiatus of script between the Punjabi speaking people on both sides of the border and elsewhere. It may be noted that the managing editor of 'Sanjh', Safir Rammah, is coordinator of APNA. The members of PCSCI honoured the vice-chancellor with a memento.

According to Dr JS Dhiman, editor of Sanjh, the objective of the magazine is to serve as a bridge between the two scripts where contributions will be made by writers of three Punjabs, viz. East Punjab, West Punjab and Third Punjab consisting of Non-Residents Indians and Punjabi diaspora.

Picture Gallery

N.Tasneem, Jagtar Dhiman, Manu Sharma, Dr M.S.Kang (Vice Chancelor), N.S.Nanda, Kulwant Jagraon Dr Dhiman, S. Sardar Panchhi, Dr M.S.Kang
Dr Dhiman presenting Memento to Dr M.S.Kang Dr M.S.Kang
Dr Manu Sharma, Dr M.S.Kang, Dr Jagtar Dhiman, S. Niranjan Tasneem Dr Jagtar, S. Panchhi and Dr M.S.Kang
Well known poet and singer Mr Trilochan Lochi
Sahitya Shromni Puruskar poet & playwright S. Sardar Panchhi presenting his views.
Mr N.S.Nanda, President Dhan Pothohar Brotherhood, presenting his views. Ms. Narinderjit Kaur being presented memento by Dr M.S.Kang
Prof. Nirnajan Tasnim presenting his views Ms Paramjit Nijhar being presented memento by  Dr M.S.Kang
Dr Harsh Kumar ‘Harsh” being presented memento Prof. Kulwant Jagraon Presenting hi sviews